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Level 3 Processing

Level 3 processing is utilized in B2B transactions to help secure lower interchange rates and monitor spending.

Level 3 Processing retrieves detailed transactional information along with the sale to send to Visa and Mastercard, which, in turn, provides access to lower Interchange rates for those that participate.

At Payway, Level 3 Processing is automated for all clients – right from the start – to reduce as many interchange fees possible for the duration of our partnership. We can autodetect if a payment is made with a procurement or corporate charge card, enabling the networks to identify which transactions qualify for the lower interchange rates.

As a courtesy to our Level 3 customers, we will provide you with an Annual Savings Analysis Report so you can see how much you save every year in interchange fees.

The Star Tribune Saves 60% Using Level 3 Processing

We performed an analysis of the star Tribune’s transactional data to see what impact Level 3 processing would have on interchange fees. A three-month sample revealed that of the nearly 3,000 transactions processed, 4.6% qualified for Level III reductions, which translated to 60% savings on qualified transactions. To learn more about how The Star Tribune saved with Level 3, read our full story.

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